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This list publishes on:
Tuesday, Sept 5 2023  | 10:00 a.m. BST
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Timing is important

This list will publish here on 5th September 2023 at 10:00 a.m BST.

Until then, your finalist status, and any other promotional activity related to the list, is strictly embargoed. 

The list will also be published in a special insert in The Economist on 30th September 2023. 


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Just announced! We’re on the 2023 #UKBestWorkplaces in Tech list! [link to list]

Thank you [your organisation’s name] employees for helping us to build a great workplace FOR ALL! [link to blog post or media article] #UKBestWorkplaces
We've made it onto this year's #UKBestWorkplaces in Tech list. Here's what employees had to say: [link to video]
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Globally, our Best Workplaces™ survey is the largest survey of workplace cultures and people practices. The methodology that creates our various Best Workplaces Lists is one of the most rigorous and highly sought after – and regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of employer awards. 

Employees responded to over 60 survey questions describing the extent to which their organisation creates a Great Place to Work For All™. Eighty-five percent of the evaluation is based on what employees say about their experiences of trust and reaching their full human potential as part of their organisation, no matter who they are or what they do. Great Place to Work® analysed these experiences relative to each organisation’s size, workforce makeup, and what’s typical relative to their industry peers. The remaining 15% is based on an assessment of all employees’ daily experiences of innovation, the company’s values, and the effectiveness of their leaders, to ensure a consistent employee experience across departments and seniority levels.

The following criteria must be met for consideration as a UK’s Best Workplace in Tech™:

Eligibility Criteria

✓ Minimum of 10 UK-based employees
✓ Industry specified on Culture Brief™ aligns to industry categories published
✓ Must be Certified™ and meet the minimum Trust Index™ threshold of 65% 

Size Categories & Number of Organisations

Small & Medium: 100
Large & Super Large: 60

Legal References

* We expect your organisation will be listed, but sometimes things happen. Everyone is a finalist until the list is published on 5 September 2023 at 10:00am BST.

† Your finalist status is strictly embargoed and confidential. You may not alert any press, conduct any media efforts or use the logo in any promotional material (including on social media) until the embargo is lifted on 5 Sept 2023 at 10:00am BST. Additionally, we ask that you please do not share this news with any external partners until after the embargo is lifted. The final list will be published at: