NB: No comms or press releases are to be issued prior to the embargo being lifted at 10:00am on 30th September 2021.





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2021 UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech

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Everything you need to make the most of your new recognition.


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Congratulations, your organisation has officially been recognised as one of the 2021 UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech in the Medium size category!

The awards list will be published on www.greatplacetowork.co.uk at 10:00am on 30th September 2021, along with our Top in Tech report containing insights and data from this year’s rankings.

Keep scrolling for ideas on internal and external celebrations, including social media posts you can use to join the list launch on 30th September 2021. 

Best_Workplaces_UK_RGB_2021 TECH_Medium Organisations
Download Your Logo

How to Use Your New Logo

Your new 2021 UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech logo is specific to your size category and may be utilised for all your internal and external communications. Note: ‘Best Workplaces™’ is trademarked and so must please be written with the ™ mark.

incorrect-logos-usage-uk-best-workplaces-for-women-2021_ logos usage guidelines uk bw tech_MEDIUM

Please do not use the Great Place to Work® corporate red box logo in any of your communications as this is our global corporate identity.

If you've earned more than one recognition from Great Place to Work®, please ensure the correct Tech list logo is used whenever communicating your UK's Best Workplaces in Tech success. Do not use the UK's Best Workplaceslist logo or your Great Place to Work-Certified badge to denote your Tech list recognition.  


Globally, our Best Workplace™ survey is the largest survey of workplace cultures and people practices. The methodology that creates our various Best Workplaces™ rankings is one of the most rigorous and highly sought after – and regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of employer awards. The following criteria must be met for consideration as a UK’s Best Workplace™ in Tech:

Eligibility Criteria

✓ Organisation is listed as a technology company with a minimum of 20 employees

✓ Organisation has submitted a valid Culture Brief before 27th August 2021

✓ Organisation meets the minimum Trust Index© threshold of 75% for the Medium size category


Size Categories & Number of Ranked Organisations

Size Category No. of Employees Total Ranked Organisations
Small 20-50 Employees 24
Medium 51-250 employees 42
Large 251-1,000 employees 22
Super Large 1,001+ employees 10
Total Rankings on the List 98


NOTE: Organisations are evaluated according to their size. This means they are not benchmarked against organisations of a different size which have different levels of resourcing and may be affected by different issues. When writing about your success, please refer to the size category in which you have been successful.



Below are tips and recommendations to support you in sharing the good news internally amongst your employees. Please refrain from sharing with employees until the embargo has been lifted at 10:00am on 30th September 2021.


Share the News with Your Employees

We encourage you to share the great news of your recognition with employees. We've included sample text below, which we hope will help to support you in your internal comms to employees on the announcement day (10:00am on 30th September 2021).


Our employees have spoken! We're excited to announce that <name of your organisation> has ranked <ranking> in the Medium size category and is among 98 UK-based organisations recognised as a Best Workplace™ in Tech by Great Place to Work® UK.

Our position on this prestigious list is driven by our annual employee engagement survey which measured the extent to which everyone across the organisation reported a consistently great workplace experience, considering factors such as physical and mental wellbeing, fairness, camaraderie, and trust in our leadership. As an organisation, we continue to be committed to ensuring ALL our employees feel valued and supported every day.

Thank you to everyone for helping us develop such a great workplace culture, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are very proud to be part of such a tremendous team!

You can find the full list ranking, along with the annual UK's Best Workplaces™ in Tech publication here: www.greatplacetowork.co.uk/tech 



Update Your Email Signature

Including your new UK Best Workplaces™ in Tech logo in your company email signature is an easy and effective way to showcase your organisation’s outstanding achievements.

Sample signature layout:

BWT Toolkit - Email signature MEDIUM


Here are a few more sample taglines to help inspire your new signature design:

  - Named a 2021 UK’s Best Workplace™ in Tech by Great Place to Work®

  - A top Medium size UK's Best Workplace™ in Tech in 2021

- We’re one of the 2021 UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech! 


Below are some social media recommendations, shareable images and a press release template to support you in promoting your achievement externally to the public.


Share on Social Media using #ukbestworkplacesintech

REMINDER: While planning your social networking strategy, it is important to keep the embargo in mind. Organisations and employees may only disclose that their organisation is ranked on the 2021 UK's Best Workplaces™ in Tech list as of 10:00am on 30th September 2021.


Get Started Here!

Social platforms are a great way to communicate your ranking as a 2021 UK’s Best Workplace™ in Tech, increasing your online exposure, employee advocacy and helping you attract top talent.

We've included a few caption examples below, or you can create something unique to your organisation. 

Tag @Great Place to Work UK on LinkedIn and @GPTW_UK on Twitter so that we can like/comment/share your posts!

Sample captions for your social posts:

  • Just announced! We’re number [insert rank] on the @GPTW_UK #ukbestworkplacesintech list! [link to list]
  • Thank you [your organisation’s name] team for helping us to build a great workplace FOR ALL! [link to blog post or media article] #ukbestworkplacesintech
  • #DidYouKnow In 2021, our company rose xxx places higher on the #ukbestworkplacesintech rankings! Here's what employees had to say: [link to video]

Make a Bold Statement

Catch the eyes of high-quality candidates by making your new logo the star of your social posts, or create a photo collage that gathers everyone to show off your new recognition.


Sharing Made Easy

If you're looking for a simple way to share your success on social, just add your company logo to this shareable image (available in 4 colours) for an impactful social post on all your channels! 


Download Your Shareable Images

Press Release Template

UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech have put practices in place that promote employee wellbeing, prioritise enjoyment at work and create a positive culture of recognition and appreciation. A press release is an ideal opportunity for you to think about what is different or unique about your organisation, your culture, and your leaders.

Consider including details like:

  • What special programmes or policies do you have for your employees that stand out from the rest?
  • How have you supported your employees' wellbeing during the pandemic? 
  • How have you sustained Trust, Fairness, Camaraderie, Pride and Wellbeing remotely?

REMINDER: While planning your public relations campaign, it is important to keep the embargo in mind. Organisations and employees may only disclose that their organisation is ranked on the 2021 UK's Best Workplaces™ in Tech list as of 10:00am on 30th September 2021.

Download Press Release Template

Referring to Great Place to Work®:

‘Great Place to Work®’ is the name of our global company and brand. It is also a common phrase. We have registered the phrase ‘great place to work’ which means that legally no-one else may use this phrase unless it is used by us as our company name. Therefore, when referring to our company, please always use the registration mark (as in Great Place to Work®).

If you wish to say things like ‘We’re a 'great place to work’ or ‘We strive to be a great place to work for all’, then quotation marks should be used. For example: “We strive to be a ‘great place to work’ for all!” (Please do not write: ‘We’re a Great Place to Work®’!!").

Congratulations once again on your 2021 UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech recognition!

If you have any marketing queries, please contact Noelle.Nurse@greatplacetowork.com